Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma Free Pdf Download

Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma Free Pdf Download

Objective maths by r.d. sharma is one of the best books of maths for jee main and jee advanced .This book was the first preference of our coaching maths teacher.He was one of the best teacher our coaching institute.This book is one of the best books for jee main and jee advanced.

About the book

pdf objective mathematics by RD Sharma is the very important book for all competitive exam like IIT-JEE MAIN & ADVANCE, BITSAT, COMDEK, AKTU NDA, CDS, Many coaching institutes prefer R.D Sharma Objective mathematics book as the best book for Mathematics for those aspirants who are preparing for JEE Main & JEE Advance.

In general, it covers almost l the topics that form the part of most of the questions in all Engineering competitive examinations. Also, it presents an exhaustive and analytical description of all the important facts and hints at the way a problem is generally given.

EBook objective mathematics by RD Sharma is an attempt to facilitate the students into the problems related to common basic concepts of math's and into the facts on which various types of problems are based in different competitive exams.

Problems asked in previous years papers of various competitive examinations held from 2000 to 2014 have been given with detailed explanations and apt illustrations. Moreover, few hour study of rd sharma objective mathematics book will surely give the idea to the student to solve the problems based upon basics concepts and based on advance level theory.

At the end of each topic, RD Sharma book, problem Set and Self-practice set and even more have been given to familiarize the student with the latest patterns of the questions. Solved examples and explanations of the theory have been given such a way that even any sort of variation in the question pattern may become easily noticeable.

Some Key Features of the book.

1. Special focus on concept Building.
2. Theory Illustrated through MCQs.
3. Problem-solving Techniques through solved examples.
4. Large Number of Solved and unsolved MCQs.
5. The Large quantity of Assertion-Reason Type MCQs.
6. Exercises containing multiples MCQs.
7. Chapter-Test at the end of each topic.

Book Description

RD Sharma divided objective mathematics this book into 2 volumes.

Volume 1 covers
Coordinate geometry.

Volume 2 covers
Vector & 3D Geometry.

Description of each section :

Volume 1

Algebraic inequalities.
Miscellaneous equation and in equations.
Mathematical reasoning.
Cartesian product of set and relations.
Mathematical induction.
Complex number
Sequence and series
Quadratic expressions and equations.
Exponential and logarithmic series.
Permutation and combination.
Discrete probability distribution.
Binomial theorem.
Cartesian coordinate system.
Straight lines.
Pairs of straight lines.

Volume 2

Trigonometric ratio and identities.
Properties of triangle and circles connected with them.
Trigonometric equations and in equations.
Solution of triangles
Inverse trigonometry function.
Heights and Distances
Real Functions
Continuity and differentiability
Tangents and normal
Derivative as a rate measure.
Differentials Errors and Approximations.
Mean Value theorem
Increasing and Decreasing Functions.
Maxima & Minima
Indefinite Integral
Definite Integral
Area of Bounded Curve
Differential Equations
Algebra of Vectors
Scalar and Vector products of Two Vectors.
Scalar and Vector products of Three Vectors.
The plain and Straight line in Space.
Measures of central tendency.
Measures of Dispersion.

Book Details

Book Name – Objective Mathematics.
Author – RD Sharma.
Format - PDF
Size - 54MB
pages- 1200

Short Summary

Objective Mathematics For IIT-JEE, AIEEE and All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations is a comprehensive set of two books for students preparing for various engineering entrance examinations like JEE Main & Advance. The books comprise of chapters on coordinate geometry, trigonometry, calculus, algebra, and vectors and three-dimensional geometry. In addition, these books consist of several MCQs questions for thorough revision and final practice. These books are essential for students aspiring to pursue engineering from premier reputed government engineering colleges in India.

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