States of matter iit practice question ?

1.A compound alloy of gold and copper crystallises in a cubic latice in which gold atoms occupy corner of cubic unit cell and copper atoms occupy the centre of faces of cube what is the formula of alloy compound?

2.A compound formed by elements A and B crystallises in the cubic structure where A atoms are at the corners of the cube and B atoms at the centre of the cube.what is formula of the compound?

3.A fcc element (atomic mass=60) has a cell edge of 400pm.what is its density.?

4.the face-centered unit cell of nickel has an edge length of 352.39pm. the density of nickel is 8.9g cm-³ . calculate the value of Avogadro's number. The atomic mass of nickel is 58.7 and 1pm is equal to 10-¹0cm?

5.the unit cell of aluminium is a cube with an edge length of the unit cell is 405 pm.The density of aluminium is 2.70g cm-³. What type of unit cell of aluminium is ?

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