Concepts of Physics by H.C.Verma vol 1 and 2 free PDF

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Concepts of Physics (Volume - 2) covers an exhaustive list of topics that are necessary for a pre-college student. The book provides many examples and exercises based on these concepts, and these cater to students preparing for competitive exams, mainly those pertaining to the fields of engineering and medicine.
H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics is a comprehensive theoretical and conceptual guide that covers topics ranging from heat and temperature to semiconductor devices. The book starts with a chapter on Heat and Temperature and Kinetic Theory of Gases and explains the terminologies, units and problems that will be used through the course of the chapter.
Further, the laws of thermodynamics and heat transfer are explained before the subject moves towards concepts like electric field and potential. The same chapter covers topics like capacitors, Gauss’s Law and electric current in conductors. The subsequent chapters encompass topics like magnetic fields, permanent magnets, magnetic fields due to current, and electromagnetic waves. The final portion of the book explains the special theory of relativity. The book has two Appendix sections that provide an insight into the terminologies and definitions covered in the book.
Dr. Verma’s books are appreciated by students because of his detailed take on the subject and the wide range of numerical problems provided. The book serves as ideal study material for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and other state level engineering exams.
About The Author
Dr. Verma
 is an Indian experimental physicist, educationist, lecturer and author in the field of nuclear science. Apart from his research in areas of physics involving meteorites and Earth Science, he also gives lectures on topics like India’s heritage and cultural values.
Concepts of Physics (Volume - 1) was Dr. Verma’s first book, and it was well received due to its comprehensive content. His other works include:
  • Quantum Physics
  • Foundation Science Physics
Dr. Harish Chandra Verma was awarded a doctoral degree at IIT-Kanpur. He began his career at Patna University as a lecturer and was then appointed as a reader. He’s currently employed at the department of Physics at IIT-Kanpur. Dr. Verma has also initiated personal endeavors for improving the Indian educational system. This can be seen through his ‘School Physics Project’ and ‘Shiksha Sopan’, a teaching institute that focuses on spreading knowledge among the underdeveloped sections around IIT-Kanpur.

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